Class #13 – Thursday, October 25, 2012


Having covered the four stages a group goes through to get to a level of high performance, we now want to turn our attention to the question:  How should a coach (leader) lead in order to enhance her team’s performance?

To help answer this question we are going to examine two models of leadership behavior:  the Managerial Grid and Situational Leadership

Follow-up From Last Class

  1. Report on your film analysis selection (Tim will record).
  2. Any confusion over Group Development questions/answers – we have the time to take these up.
  3. Four clips – four stages – which is which – from Remember the Titans.

Managerial Grid: 5 Types of Leader Behavior (adapted from business)

  1. Managerial Grid Model description
  2. What sort of leader are you?  Complete the Managerial Grid and bring results to next class (portfolio):  Managerial Grid Q Scoring
  3. Can you identify the style of both a) Head Coach and b) Assistant Coach (Miracle? Titans?)

Situational Leadership – Part 1

The Managerial Grid was superseded by a more dynamic, interactional model of leadership:  Situational Leadership (SLM)

  1. Case studies (if time):  SLM Case Study Answers


1.  Read Chapter 9 in the text (not the Cognitive-Mediational or Multidimensional Model of Sport Leadership.

2.  Visit the reference websites for the Managerial Grid and SLM.

3. Complete and score the Managerial Grid Questionnaire and complete SLM case scenarios if necessary.

4.  Analyze YOUR group:

  • What developmental/readiness level are they at currently?
  • What is the “usual” Style demonstrated by leader currently – is it appropriate?
  • Come up with an example from your group/team’s history for each developmental level – and an example of the response of the leader.

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