Class #14 – Tuesday, October 30, 2012


If you are part of a sport team (or any team for that matter), the level of cohesion on your team is a key ingredient to peak performance.  In this class we will examine Carron’s Model of Cohesion.

Follow-up From Last Class

  1. Copy your film choice to your laptop (short versions). Record your film choice.
  2. Take up Situational leadership scenarios.


  1. Lecture slides:  8-Cohesion Slides Revised 2012
  2. Complete the GEQ for your group/team (for this module): GEQ Questionnaire


  1. Make sure you  start your PST program next Monday at the latest.
  2. Watch and start to analyze you film this weekend.
  3. Read Ch. 8 in the text (not sociogram section).


  1. Carron et al.’s (1985) original article: GEQ Development Article
  2. Meta-Analysis of Research with Carron’s Model:  Cohesion Meta Analysis Carron Highlighted

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