Class #17 Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012


We are entering the fourth part of our course – sport motivation.  There are several important and current models of motivation which can help us explain motivated behavior in sport.  Since the best models are built on prior research, and examination of earlier models can be helpful in understanding motivation (e.g., history is important).

Follow-up From Last Class

Chelladurai’s MML

Overview of Motivation (Chapter 3)

  • key points from previous research on motivation.

Achievement Goal Theory (AGT)


  1. Read Williams & Gill (1995) for an overview of AGT theory:  Williams & Gill (1995) – AGT Overview
  2. Complete the PMCSQ-2:  PMCSQ-2.
  3. After completing the PMSQ, figure out which items belong to the Task subscale, and which items belong to the EGO subscale, and then score your results (i.e., you should have two subscale scores).
  4. Read Ch. 3 and post any questions on the bottom of this page.
  5. Bring a thumb drive to class to copy Ping Pong to your laptop for the Thanksgiving Class replacement (you will watch and analyze film).

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