Class #18 – Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012


The purpose of this class is to complete the examination of AGT, with an emphasis on the importance of motivational climate.  We will also go over the requirements for the AGT assignment which will be used to replace our Thanksgiving class.

Follow-up from Last Class

Scoring the TEOSQ

Scoring the PMSCQ-2

Lecture Slides from text:  Motivation Lecture Slides

AGT – The Importance of Motivational Climate – Research

Female Perceptions of AGT Climate

Role of Peers in Motivational Climate:  Peer Motivational Climate (Ntoumanis et al., 2006)

Combo – AGT, Cohesion & PST:  Cohesion, Motivation and Self-Talk

**Copy Ping Pong to your laptop**

Ping Pong Analysis

Analyze several scenes from the film using the viewing guide:  Pingpong Viewing Guide (AGT)

Ping Pong Viewing Guide Student Example


  1. Complete the Ping Pong assignment – 2-3 pages double-spaced, APA format.  Bring a hard copy to next class, ready to discuss your paper:  Pingpong AGT Assignment.
  2. This paper will become part of your portfolio.

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