Class #19 – Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The purpose of today’s class is to complete our examination of Achievement Goals Theory – currently the most commonly researched theory of sport motivation.

Follow-up From Last Class

The purpose of writing a short analysis of the film Ping Pong was to see if you were able to apply the AGT model to other situations (you have already applied the model to yourself by completing the questionnaires and reporting on your own personal path through sport.

  1. Break into five groups and individually  present the results of your analysis regarding the motivational orientation of the film’s main characters and the motivational climate.  Try and come to a consensus and record your group’s opinion on the Viewing Guide sheet (15 minutes).
  2. Form a second group and briefly report your prior group’s findings.  Resolve any discrepencies, and then briefly report back to the class on the resolution of these differences. (10 min.).

Ping Pong Papers – Two student examples

Ping Pong (Ziemba, 2011)

Ping Pong (Simpson, 2011)

Do We Need to Revise the AGT Model based on our analysis of Ping Pong

  • Purpose of models (Lyle, 2002):  Purpose of Models
  • Revisions?
  • Did AGT allow to fully analyze and understand all aspects of motivated behavior in the film?  Smile?


Complete and score the SMS:  SMS English Version


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