Class # 22 – Thursday, November 6, 2012


Developmental psychologist Susan Harter has developed a theory around how children develop “competence motivation”.  Her theory is interactional and accounts for both situational (parents, friends) and personal (trait anxiety) factors in the child’s context (B = P X S).  Terms similar to “competence motivation” that we have seen already include:

  • achievement motivation
  • competitiveness
  • self-confidence.

The film Billy Elliot provides a perfect example of the two possible paths illustrated in Harter’s theory.

Competence Motivation (Gould & Weinberg, 2008)

Harter's Model of Competence Motivation

Lecture Slides

Chap. 22 Children Slides


Start to review the modules we have completed since the mid-term quiz a) review our class posts and complete any portfolio items; b) do the text readings; c) keep an eye out for the test bank of questions (Saturday?).

Next Class

Cultural Competence (Cultural Sport Psychology)


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