Final Quiz Bank of Questions Posted

63 questions – there will be 30 on next Thursday’s (Dec. 13):  ESS 220 Final Quiz Bank.

Here are some studying suggestions from the midterm quiz:

Mental Preparation for Taking Academic Tests – Here is a handout on how to use the mental skills we have been working on to address any anxiety you may have around taking the quiz:  Test Anxiety Suggestions.

“Probably” your best studying strategy at this point, will be to simply try and answer the questions by consulting the text.

Here is the text from the post which outlines your best “studying” strategy as you go through the course:

“Study Recommendation:

  • Pay attention in lectures – first exposure, link to what you already know, activity that “uses” concepts, big picture;
  • Read text, highlighting important points and difficult points/questions;
  • Re-read and answer difficult points;
  • Complete activities without rushing – think about links to text;
  • Focus on areas in lecture slides, key terms, critical questions”

But, again, at this point, your best strategy is to find the answers to the questions.  The students who will do best (probably), will be the one’s who have done the above recommendations each week as we move through the course.


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