Class #23 – Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012


Culturally informed Sport Psychology

Numerous factors are involved in the cultural composition of both the athlete and the sport psychology practitioner, including ethnicity, socioeconomic background and status, race, socialization, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and geographic location. These often deeply ingrained personal variables can certainly affect the nature of the therapeutic relationship, intervention strategies, and intervention outcomes with athletic clientele. Yet, the field of sport psychology has been slow to discuss these critical variables or to conceptualize their impact on day-to-day athletic performance, overall psychological well-being, the therapeutic relationship, and success of interventions. The field of sport psychology needs to ensure to ensure that sport psychologists are gaining a comprehensive understanding of the athletes with whom they work, demonstrating respect for and integration of cultural constructs in the treatment room, and maintaining personal and professional self-awareness (from the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 2012).

First Impressions

Tin Cup – Certification/Licensure/Ethics for “sport psychologists”

APA Division 47 Facebook page

BASES (British) Sport Psychology Certification

Bend it Like Beckham – Coach Cultural Competence?

Ping Pong – from Samurai to Science: Sport Psychology in Japan:  japan017

League of Their Own – Gender Equity: Can we Change?

Self-Assessment for Cultural CompetenceCultural Competence Personal Reflection

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Quiz: 30 questions, 40 minutes.


Study for quiz!


Introduction to Cultural Sport Psychology


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