Term Paper on Leadership & Cohesion

Here is a description of the paper, including key points to include: ESS 220 Term Paper Description Fall 2012

Here is a link to Tim’s Box storage file that contains the movies files that you can download (you may have to open your own account first – instructions here).

5-6 pages double-spaced, APA style due Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 by midnight. You must submit your paper as a Word document named “yourlastname.paper.doc” via email to Tim. Files named incorrectly will be returned without opening.

The 5-6 pages does not include a title page, nor your separate references page, nor your Appendix (which can contain material like your outline or viewing guide). It also does not include any Tables or Figures you may decide to use.

You must submit an outline along with your paper – place it in the Appendix. This will only help your grade. If for example your writing is unclear and confusing, I will at least be able to view your outline and see what you were trying to express. Papers submitted without an outline in the Appendix will be returned without grading.

You must have your paper peer-reviewed prior to submitting it to me. The reason is that undergraduate student papers are typically filled with many minor APA, grammar and spelling errors, and overly flowery prose unsuitable for the scientific writing used in the disciplines of psychology and sport psychology. The best way to do this is for your peer-reviewer to turn on the “track changes” feature of your Word document – then submit this to me. Any corrections or highlighting doe by your peer-reviewer will be saved when you save the document. Email it to me as “yourlastname.rough.doc” before submitting your paper. You can also submit it as a hard copy at a class. Papers submitted without a prior peer-proofed draft submission will be returned without grading.

Suggested Guidelines to Follow (to make your paper better)


  • if you have not already submitted and received feedback on prior psychology papers (which should have required you to write in APA style) you may want to Google or visit links I have provided to you on writing psychology papers.
  • paragraph construction is the key to good scientific writing: The building blocks of your paper will be the paragraph. Each paragraph should have one major point (e.g., Rizzo was a good captain); evidence should be presented to support your point (e.g., we see this in the bar scene when he…). Finally, the link between the point and evidence should be explained (e.g., according to the text (use APA citation style) there are three components of being a good captain – Rizzo demonstrates two of the three in this scene, and the third later during the “Again” scene.). This is how paragraphs should be structured in academic writing in sport psychology: 1-2-3.


  • if you are referencing material from the text or lecture slides (which are drawn from the text) then simply reference the text.
  • when referencing written materials (downloaded or not) from the authors of the models, you only need to use one of the authors’ references (eg., the Mindtools website), not multiple ones.
  • if you are pulling material from a particular article, then you should reference that article.


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