Portfolio (Small Assignments)

Your portfolio is worth 20% of your grade (Evaluation page is here).  Print out your small assignments and keep them in a binder or folder in chronological order.  You will hand the binder in on Tuesday, October 16th, and at the last class on Thursday, December 13th.

To compile your Portfolio list of small assignments that you need to keep track of:

go back to class #1 on our class blog, and make a list in sequential, chronological order of the “homework” items (excluding for example simple “discussion notes”) – in other words, the homework sections of each of our class blog posts is your portfolio checklist – all neatly compiled on one page, in one place.  Just scroll down to our first class, and work your way back up to our last class:)

  • Best-Ever performance description
  • Revised Best-Ever Performance description

Grading Scheme for Portfolio

Since most people learn best by doing – better than listening or reading, the purpose of the portfolio activities are to enhance your mastery of the material in our course – and since most require some type of analysis and application, also enhance the critical abilities that are part of the Smith Design for Learning (read more about that here).

So keeping in mind that the “doing” is the most important part of this evaluation component, here is the grading scale:

  • “A”  : all activities completed as per instructions, with evidence of  “good” care and attention (readable).
  • “A-” : 1-2 items missing or completed incorrectly (e.g., did not take the time to follow instructions properly), evidence of “minimally adequate” effort (perhaps a bit messy due to haste, no “extra thought” put into the assignment;
  • “B”  : 3-5 items missing or not completed properly, the amount of thought and care put into completing the assignments needs to be improved significantly.
  • “C” : Something submitted, but not meeting the minimum requirements.  This will definitely need to be redone and submitted up to a “B” standard.

Portfolio (up to October 22, 2012)


  1. Best-Ever:  1-2 pages double-spaced,  APA, title page.
  2. FSS-2
  3. IPS Monitoring Card
  4. Elements of Excellence Questionnaire
  5. APA reference Elements
  6. TOPS Scores
  7. Book/website reference
  8. Relaxation log
  9. Sport-specific exercises

10. PRT log

11. Competitive Reflections Form

12. Draft Focus Plan

13. Simulations for your sport (5)

14. Goal Forms

15. SCAT scores

16.  Complete CSAI-2 before a “competition”

17. Score CTAI-2

18. Visualization log

19. Attentional analysis of your sport


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