Ice-Breaker (IPS)

1.  Think back to your best-ever athletic competitive experience.  By “experience” we mean a game, a match, or meet, or even a one-day tournament – so a few hours to an entire day.  By “best-ever” we are referring to a time were you were performing at your highest level – It is not necessary to have won the competition.

2. Take 2-3 minutes to think back to this event paying particular attention to how you were feeling (emotions, feelings), your focus (what you were paying attention to) and your thinking (what were some of your key thoughts).

3. Choose a partner, perhaps someone you have not worked closely with before, and recount your experience to them (3-4 minutes) and then you will switch roles and your partner will recount their story.  Although you want to tell your “entire” story, we are really interested in what was going on during the part of the event when you were at your best.  For example, you may have started off competing poorly, but got stronger as the event progressed.

4. Together with your partner, make a list (three descriptors each?) of the words which best describe your “state” during the best part of your event.

5. As a group, let’s compare our results as coaches to Loehr’s IPS Model for athletes. What were the similarities between yours and Loehr’s description?  Differences?  Does your data, and the data of your partner and others in the class support or negate Loehr’s model?


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